BPG 6375


The packings is braided from pure PTFE yarn and has an additional PTFE impregnation.


The product is designed for use in plunger pump and valve applications.


1.75 g/cm³

Operation Parameters

Speed2 m/s (Valve)
2 m/s (Plunger pump)
Temperature–200 … +280°C
pH Value0 … 14
Pressure25 MPa (Valve)
50 MPa (Plunger pump*)

Product Specifications

MediaAll chemicals** including concentrated hot acids and alkalis. 
Certificates / ApprovalsFDA, BAM approval for gaseous oxygen (3MPa up to 60°C)

*Installation with anti-extrusion rings
**Exceptions: molten alkali metals, fluorine and some fluorine compounds


  • Particularly tight braid and dense structure

  • High degree of dimensional stability and ­compressibility

  • Very low leakage rates

  • Very low setting rates

  • Suitable for use in nuclear power stations


  • Data Sheet BPG 6375

  • Installation Instructions

  • Technical Information